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Tearing Treatment Manhattan, New York

Inappropriate tearing, tearing not related to emotional stimuli --- can be annoying, embarrassing and can even interfere with vision. The tearing may occur in various patterns than can help your oculoplastic surgeon determine the cause. It can be in the morning, towards the end of the day, or all day long. It may affect one or both sides. It may or may not be associated with discomfort or eye redness. At Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Ocularplastics in Manhattan, New York they offer treatment for tearing and other eye conditions.

There are three basic categories into which causes of pathologic tearing fall into.
The first major category is what is called reflex tearing. Reflex tearing occurs when there is any irritation to the eyeball or to the inside of the eyelid that tells the brain to turn on the tearing mechanism to try to alleviate some of that irritation. Such factors that cause irritation include dry eye, conjunctivitis, allergies, and the inability to close the eye completely (lagophthalmos). Often times, these are associated with some irritation but may not be, and so it is important that the oculoplastic surgeon evaluate the eye and inside of the lids to look for sources of reflex tearing.

The second main category is obstruction anywhere along the tear drainage system also called the nasolacrimal system. The tear drainage system starts with two little holes on the eyelid margin near to the nose where the tears enter as they leave the surface of the eye.  Tears then travel through tubes which rests along the side of the nose, and then into another tube called the nasolacrimal duct, which drains into the nose and, eventually, down the throat. There can be an obstruction anywhere along these passageways. Simple tests can be performed in the office by an oculoplastic surgeon to test for the various obstructions of the nasolacrimal system.

The third and most under recognized category is looseness or laxity of the lower lid.  The lower lid acts as a pump and every time we blink the tear is actively pumped into the tear drainage system. When the lower lid is loose it does not pump efficiently and a buildup of tears can occur. This is most often tearing that is worse when outside in the cold and in the wind.

In order to treat inappropriate tearing, contact Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Oculoplastics in Manhattan, New York. The oculoplastic surgeons there can make the correct diagnosis, as the management is dependent on the condition that is causing the tearing. Contact their offices today for an appointment.

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