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Droopy Eyelids Manhattan, New York

Do your eyes feel “tired,” later in the day or do you find it difficult to keep your eyes open when you read or watch TV? This can be caused by droopy eyelids. Most people with droopy eyelids do not necessarily even know that the eyelids are droopy and interfering with their vision. This is because as the eyelids droop, the brain will start to compensate and people will begin raising their eyebrows. Often times you will notice that if you look in the mirror your brows will be raised up and there will be horizontal wrinkles across your forehead when your eyelid is droopy. Unfortunately, the eyebrows, unlike the muscle that raise the eyelid normally called the levator palpebrae superioris muscle, will fatigue with time. At the end of the day the eyebrow muscles will start to fatigue and the droopiness becomes more apparent and causes more symptoms. It may occur when you are driving and having difficulty seeing cars to either side --- all due to the droopy lids. At Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Oculoplastics in Manhattan, New York, they offer solutions for droopy eyelids.

An oculoplastic surgeon can evaluate the eyelids to see exactly what the cause is.  There are three factors which may be causing the droopy lids. One is there can be excess skin that hangs over the eyelid, interfering with vision. This is called dermatochalasis. Another cause may be that the muscle that raises the eyelid called the levator palpebrae superioris muscle could be stretched out or weakened to some extent. Most often this may be caused by long-term contact lens use, especially hard contact lenses, but can be secondary to trauma or just to advancing age. There are some neurologic conditions that can cause a weakening of this muscle that need to be ruled out and these are best diagnosed by the oculoplastic surgeon. The third cause for droopy lids can be that the eyebrows themselves may have fallen, causing the eyelid to become droopy secondarily. This is called brow ptosis. The oculoplastic surgeon will be able to tell you, which of these components is affected and design a treatment plan that addresses them appropriately. Often times there are more than one factor contributing to the droopiness and these can often be addressed at the same time.

An important point: many people think eyelid surgery is purely cosmetic; however, the surgery is medically necessary when it interferes with vision and causes symptoms such as difficulty reading or watching TV, headaches or fatigue. In these cases, the examination and surgery are often covered by medical insurance. If you are suffering from droopy eyelids contact Columbia Ophthalmology Department of Oculoplastics in Manhattan, New York.


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