Diamond Laser Scalpel

Posted by Admin on February 15, 2007
39 year old Treese Lynn Curtzer wanted to rejuvenate and refresh her look. She says her eyes were in desperate need of a pick-me-up. But, given her hectic schedule she was concerned that plastic surgery would set her back. “I am a flight attendant and I have three small children so I can’t afford to be laying in bed for a week,” says Treese. Doctors determined that Treese was a candidate for cosmetic eye surgery and in an effort to help her recuperate more quickly, the new diamond laser scalpel was used during the procedure.

“The real advantage for the patient is that the recuperation, the diminished bruising, the diminished swelling allows a patient to go back to work almost immediately, we take the sutures out at four days and almost immediately most patients are walking around and no one even knows they had surgery,” reports plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott B. Wells.

Dr. Wells uses a diamond blade and CO2 laser energy to cut and instantly coagulate blood vessels during surgery. “We can make a cut and save time by making a very sharp instantaneous cut and not having to deal with the bleeding that slows us down during the operative time and more importantly we get such a clean cut more that really the healing is much quicker than would be expected with traditional scalpel technique,” says Dr. Wells.

Laser energy is actually directed through the diamond blade, which is forty times sharper than a steel scalpel. The diamond is the only substance known that can maintain cold contact surface while effectively transmitting laser energy.

“Traditional scalpels are honed like a regular knife. It’s actually a serrated tooth like edge, and this creates some tissue damage as it is drawn through the tissue, because diamonds are so dense they could be honed forty times sharper and the edge is a perfect edge, there are no serrations and it actually dances between the cells as opposed to carrying through them on a microscopic level,” explains Dr. Wells. Treese says she couldn’t be happier with her results. “I noticed when I wake up in the morning I don’t look as tired, I look a little fresher,” says Treese.

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