Dental Implant Compatibility Improved with Introduction of New Chemical Surface

Posted by Admin on June 20, 2012
For over 20 years, dental implants have given people a means to restore missing teeth. The procedure has improved but challenges still remain: medical research is striving to meet aesthetic demands and shortening the time it takes to restore functionality. One solution to these demands involves altering implant surfaces to help build bone integration. SLActive is a new chemically-modified surface for titanium, the standard compound implants are constructed from, has shown promise in this area.

An article appearing in the Journal of Oral Implantology indicates 98.2% success rate for dental patients who received SLActive implants after one year of follow-up treatment. A noninterventional study was conducted to compare these results with prior findings of high survival and success rates among the same type of implants in a controlled clinical trial.

In this study, results were retrieved under common dental practice conditions and where patient selection was not restrictive and technique was not controlled. Thirty dental clinics in Italy were participants in the study, and a total of 226 patients received treatment. Patients presented with a variety of risk factors, and both early (48 hours to 3 months) and traditional (3 to 6 months) loading of the implant was performed.

A successful connection between living bone and artificial implant can indicate long-term stability of a dental implant. The surface properties of a titanium implant, such as topography and roughness, can aid in the chemical and biological exchange that occurs in the early stages of healing and can greatly influence the outcome of the procedure over time.

The success rate of 98.2% of the study was similar to that reported in formal clinical trials. The high success rate in both studies indicates that the SLActive implant surface can be a safe treatment method with consistent, reliable results. Patients treated with these implants can expect smooth integration and restoration of functionality for chewing and speech.

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