David Kriegel, M.D. on the Different Types of Facial Fillers

Posted by Admin on May 14, 2010
So there have been a large number of fillers that have been introduced in to the marker over the last few years. This has created a real of confusion for patients. They are not sure what fillers to use and what the fillers are good for.

I essentially break the fillers into two groups. Fillers that fill lines, essentially wrinkle lines - most commonly seen between the nose and the mouth. These are called nasal-labia lines. Or marionette lines which are lines right below the angles of the mouth. The best fillers for these lines are Juvederm and Restylane.

The second group of fillers are fillers that fill volume.  In general these are for older patients who have lost the fullness of the face – primarily from gravitational forces. We use these fillers in the cheek or the temples. The best fillers for volume enhancers are Radiesse and Sculptra. These are the two groups of fillers that we use and really is dependent on what you want to enhance on your face.

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