Cosmetic Laser Surgery: The Cutting Edge

Posted by Admin on September 8, 2010
Laser surgery has become the cutting edge in cosmetic medicine. Why? Because it's able to accomplish just as much as invasive surgical techniques in less time and with faster recovery rates. Using laser surgical techniques is also more precise, and produces less bleeding, bruising and scarring. A patient will typically get an injection of anesthetic, making the procedure painless, and be done in 30-40 minutes.

Lasers are most commonly used in facial resurfacing, in which a laser dissolves the molecular bonds of soft human facial tissue. But lasers are also used to get rid of every sort of skin blemish imaginable, from moles and warts to wrinkles and age spots. They also eliminate scars, unwanted hair, birthmarks and tattoos anywhere on the body.

 In laser resurfacing, doctors generally use two laser systems. One is good for ridding the body of wrinkles and lines, discoloration (as from birthmarks), large pores and age spots. The other type of laser works well on mild to severe acne. Another laser system selectively removes hair - without damaging the skin's delicate pores and glands. To excise moles and warts, doctors have developed yet a different laser, which works well on any part of the body. It's also good on wrinkles (including smoker's lip and crow's feet) and mild acne scars.

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