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Women's Weight Does Not Affect Sexual Activity

Women's Weight Does Not Affect Sexual Activity Here is one area in which weight may not have a negative effect on a health activity - sex!. In a study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology research showed that overweight women are having more sex than their thinner sisters. Read More

FDA Approves New Contraceptive Pill Lybrel

FDA Approves New Contraceptive Pill Lybrel The FDA approves an oral contraceptive that also eliminates menstruation. Wyeth's oral contraceptive Lybrel is now approved by the FDA to eliminate monthly menstrual periods. The drug has a lower level of synthetic hormones than other oral contraceptives and must be taken 365 days a year. Acc... Read More

Clinton's stand on Plan B

Clinton's stand on Plan B Perhaps the best way to make a “no”—as in not a yes decision, is, in fact, to make no decision—preventing the yes vote from ever happening. Many are arguing that’s been the tactic of the FDA over the past two years with regard to making available over the counter the Plan B emergency contrace... Read More

Plan B OTC Revisted

Plan B OTC Revisted For years the movement of the Plan B drug to over the counter status has been a controversial issue, but in 2003 the FDA made their first step towards making the change. One of their advisory panels voted 23 to 4 in favor of making the drug available over the counter; the application was, how... Read More

Birth Control Options

It’s back on the road again for 31 year old Jill Pearson. Jill, a technology trainer, travels extensively for work, but, monthly painful periods which included crushing migraines, were making her business trips unbearable. She decided to try Seasonale, one of the newer oral contraceptives, al... Read More

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