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African American Women and Breast Cancer

African American Women and Breast Cancer I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see my children grow up and my grandchild grow, you get this really scary feeling inside, says Rosamond Stallings. When 45 year old Rosamond Stallings was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, doctors urged her to immediately have a mastectomy. They ... Read More

Rapid Flu Test

We getting to the peak of the flu season now folks. If you havenít gotten your flu shot, youíre susceptible. But how do you know if your symptoms are the flu or something else? And why is that so important? When you get the sniffles, maybe a cough, or a fever, bingo, we label it the flu. And ... Read More

AAP Statement on: Children and Advertising

AAP Statement on: Children and Advertising Are kids being bombarded with way too many ads on tv, the internet, and through every type of media outlet? Are these ads leading to numerous health concerns: from obesity, to promiscuity, to violence? Tiny eyes and ears are taking in countless ads daily, and the American Academy of Pediatric... Read More

Everyday Health

Everyday Health With the explosion of the internet there are now countless places to get health information. Clearly there is one leader: WebMD. It has become a media behemoth. WebMD is to health websites what McDonalds is to hamburgers--but clearly with a more heart health approach. But McDonalds has Burger... Read More

Scary Halloween

Scary Halloween If you have little ones at home, you are no doubt getting ready for Halloween tomorrow. But while this can be a fun holiday, it can be scary for the youngest children. What are some things you should say, and what are things they should not be exposed to? The older kids want to be scared out ... Read More

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