Cell Phone Radiation May Protect from Alzheimers

Posted by Admin on October 28, 2010

Could there be a benefit to the effects of cell phone radiation? For decades scientists have been trying to determine what effects cell phone radiation has on the human brain and overall health.

Published in a January issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a study involving scientists from universities across the globe examined the effects of cell phone radiation. Researchers were surprised to find that cell phone radiation not only appeared to prevent Alzheimers’ disease, but also reverse memory damage.

A number of studies have attribute the development Alzheimer’s to the build up of sticky deposits of plaque, which may inhibit neurons from communicating and can disturb other processes necessary cell survival.

During the study, researchers exposed mice with a genetic predisposition to develop Alzheimers’ to doses electromagnetic radiation similar to that emitted by a cell phone. The mice were exposed to one hour of radiation per day for up to nine months.

The results were surprising:
They found adult mice did not show signs of memory loss, implying that the radiation provided a form of protection from a genetically determined disease.
Older mice that were already showing signs of Alzheimers’ were able to perform on par in memory tests along with similarly aged mice who were not symptomatic for the disease.

Older Mice who had already demonstrated impaired memory, once exposed to the radiation, demonstrated improved memory function.

In addition, normal mice that were exposed to the electromagnetic radiation showed above average performance on memory skills.

Research Professor from the University of South Florida, and contributing researchers claimed, "It surprised us to find that cell phone exposure, begun in early adulthood, protects the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer's symptoms."

And while researchers did not assess any direct correlation to such cell phone use on humans they did say: "Since we selected electromagnetic parameters that were identical to human cell phone use and tested mice in a task closely analogous to a human memory test, we believe our findings could have considerable relevance to humans.”

The researchers could only theorize why electromagnetic radiation improved memory function, but they were emphatic about their findings.
"The cognitive benefits of long-term electromagnetic exposure are real, because we saw them in both protection- and treatment-based experiments involving Alzheimer's mice, as well as in normal mice."


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