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Women, Shoes and Foot Problems

Women, Shoes and Foot Problems Do women have more foot problems than men? Yes, especially as they age. Years of frequent high heal wear, tight fitting and other high-end fashionable shoes can cause permanent damage. The price we often pay to look good. So it is important for women, especially if they are shoe conscious, to... Read More

Diabetics Endanger Themselves Wearing Wrong Shoe Size

Diabetics Endanger Themselves Wearing Wrong Shoe Size According to research in the November issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice, more than six out of ten people with diabetes are walking around in the wrong sized shoe, which could potentially cause serious foot problems. An ulceration of the foot can have serious implications... Read More

Five Foot Care Myths

Five Foot Care Myths The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons have heard all the myths about foot care. However, myths concerning health can have serious consequences if doctors aren't consulted to set the facts straight. Here are five podiatry myths that numerous patients have reported, and the truth behi... Read More

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