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Worried Sick? There Might Be Some Truth There

Worried Sick? There Might Be Some Truth There A recent report by health provider BUPA has found that people's worries are damaging their health by causing sleepless nights, loss of sex drive, and erratic eating habits. The 2007 Worry Report demonstrates that almost one in five people constantly worry about numerous things, and more than ... Read More

Yogurt Consumption Linked to Healthier Body Weights for Women

Yogurt Consumption Linked to Healthier Body Weights for Women Research conducted by The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition finds that women who eat yogurt frequently are less likely to be overweight and more likely to meet the recommended daily intake of important nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D. The fourteen day study followed t... Read More

American Children Are Not Consuming Enough Milk

American Children Are Not Consuming Enough Milk A recent study from Penn State has found that American children are drinking insufficient amounts of milk and the dairy they are choosing to consume are very high in fat. The study examined a children's daily dairy intake and compared it with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's MyPyramid dai... Read More

Diets Compared

Diets Compared It’s a topic that keeps on churning out studies…which is the best diet to help you lose weight, and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Atkins? Zone? Ornish? The good old food pyramid? The results of the latest government funded study is surprising to many. Many people thought this iss... Read More

Enviga | Nutrition and Diet

Enviga | Nutrition and Diet There is a new soft drink hitting the market that does what no other soft drink has ever claimed to do: you drink it, and you’ll burn calories. Is it truly possible? Please say it’s so. You know, there’s a lot to be said for a brownie and a diet coke; i mean, why add insult to injury. At leas... Read More

What is Hoodia?

What is Hoodia? Hoodia is the latest appetite suppressant rage! It comes from a cactus-like plant in South Africa. It was used by tribesman as an appetite suppressant so they could go on long hunting and gathering trips. That appetite suppressant effect is what everyone is clamoring about, and is why it is n... Read More

Drinks and Diet

Drinks and Diet As the Fahrenheit soars during these dog days of summer, what better way to beat the heat than with a cool icy beverage. But, according to new research, while you’re quenching your thirst, you may also be gulping down hundreds of unwanted calories. Everything from that frosty coffee mint-moch... Read More

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