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Cancer Patients In Need of Psychological and Social Support

Cancer Patients In Need of Psychological and Social Support A recent report from the Institute of Medicine addresses the toll that cancer therapies have on patients' mental and emotional state that may potentially cause other health problems. Cancer treatments save and prolong many people's lives; however, care that focuses solely on eradicating tumor... Read More

Virtual Reality Therapy: Fear of Flying

Virtual Reality Therapy: Fear of Flying It's the busiest travel time of the year. And for many who have a fear of flying, it can be a difficult one. But a new virtual reality program is helping those with this problem at least get on the plane, and get to their destination. Dr. Lois Schatz developed a fear of flying two years ago d... Read More

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment There is some encouraging news tonight regarding the treatment of lung cancer. A minimally invasive procedure is shown to be so effective at zapping away tumors, it's prolonging the lives of patients far beyond what's currently expected. The best way to get rid of lung cancer is to cut it out... Read More

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