Angel Lift

Posted by Admin on October 5, 2006
Could it be true? A facelift without surgery? Without an injection? Thatís what a new dental implant is supposed to provide. But does it work? Itís called the Angel Lift facelift. It uses a dental implant to basically push out the wrinkles. Itís not what you typically think of when you want to turn back the clock on your facial appearance, but some experts who do perform the real facelift say there is something to this. Now, Kelly Bruce didnít like the fact that her face was starting to show the aging process. ďIím just looking to prevent any wrinkles that I can. Iím almost 40 I just really am hoping to find the best thing that I can do thatís non-invasive, no um facial injections.Ē She could have gone the botox route, or restalyne. But instead she went to her dentist to get angel lift, a non-surgical alternative to traditional fillers. It is billed as the first and only removable, invisible, pain free prosthetic to prevent and remove wrinkles and correct facial asymmetry.

Itís fittedóeither by a doctor or dentist-- and placed into the mouth and is worn during the waking hours. It lifts Ėor pushes out--facial skin and muscle, and stretches it, while restricting the muscle from returning to position, all of this causing the wrinkles to disappear and facial lines to be reduced while the implant is in place.

Dentist Dr. Gerald Grossman says, ďAs you have it in your mouth the appliance supports the tissue so when you take the appliance out you will have less wrinkles for a period of time. I believe that over time it will impede you from getting wrinkles quicker.Ē The pictures show the effects. ďThe patients, my patients have been mostly ecstatic. They are happy they donít have to go through repeated injections, and they find the changes that they have are very pleasing.Ē

 Hereís the big question, posed by plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Fallek. ďI havenít seen any literature on it and to me that is always the gold standard. Is this a project that has been tested, has it been written about in literature, in publications?Ē The company says there is no clinical evidence that the proof is simply in the pictures. And what about the proof it can prevent wrinkles over timeóagain, no clinical evidence yet.

But Dr. Fallek says this may very well provide benefit. ďI think it might possibly work because of its impinging the muscles and preventing the muscles from moving then in some respects like botox it will prevent wrinkles from forming,Ē Dr. Fallek states. Still, he says heís waiting for the data. But Kelly says sheís already pleased with the results.

 ďImmediately when I put the Angel Lift in I could see the effect that it was having, it even made my upper lip a little bit fuller which I was really happy about. I do know that people have been saying I look good.Ē Angel lift is not visible when smiling or talking. Itís comfortable to wear. The manufacturer says extended wear will help further reduce wrinkles and prevent wrinkles, although itís recommended to take it out when sleeping. The price is around 350 dollars--worth the risk, perhaps, given if you donít like the results, you can always opt for botox.

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