Amr Azim, M.D. on the Disadvantages of Fertility Tourism

Posted by Admin on August 4, 2010
Medical tourism especially fertility tourism became more common in the past few years. While they promise higher success rate and sometimes deliver that, this is commonly because of aggressive transfer of embryos into the uterus. Transferring more embryos into the uterus can carry higher success rate for pregnancy, but carries with it also detrimental effects in the long run on the health of the babies.

There is clear-cut evidence that multiple pregnancies are associated with higher risk of preterm delivery and long-term complications for the newborn.  If you go abroad to a fertility clinic, choose very carefully and also be in control of the number of embryos that are transferred into the uterus.  This study from the United Kingdom shows that the instance of multiple pregnancies was disproportionately high in woman that got their IVF outside the United Kingdom.

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