Amiya Prasad, M.D. on the Varying Tastes in Globalized Cosmetic Medicine

Posted by Admin on July 29, 2010
With this interesting flattening of the world and in between the Internet and cultural mixing, there is a lot more interest in improving people%u2019s appearances in a way that is not only about rejuvenation, but also about taking different characteristics from other cultures. For example, we have people who ethnically their eyes would be very level, looking to have slightly upturn to their eyes. We call it almond eyes and creating an almond eye in someone whose family and genetics normally would not have that is a very fascinating area that has become very, very popular.

We see that people want to put makeup in a way that accentuates the corner of the eyes being lifted.  So here we are performing procedures for people to just enhance to ceratin degree the way they look so that they look like they were born a certain way.  Other things that we have observed have been creating eyelid creases in Asians.  Creating an eyelid crease that does not make them look Caucasian, but rather create a more open look to their eyes and give them a look that is very popular and if you look at the popular movie stars or other cultural icons in Asian countries, having an eyelid crease is very, very nice. 

We find that a lot more people who are of African descent, who have may be a broad tip to their nose or a flare to their nostrils are getting little procedures where we make the tip a little bit narrower, we make the nostrils little bit narrower.  We are not taking away their core ethnic characteristics, but creating these little elements that make them look a little bit more glamorous, a little bit more balanced in many ways and we are blending a lot of these ethnic characteristics in a way that is of course artistic and tasteful and consistent with the change in the modern perceptions of fashion, beauty, and attractiveness.

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