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Posted by Admin on January 1, 2007
Lia Hakim, 38 year old mother of two children, is gearing up for her 20 year high school reunion. Wanting to look her very best, she admits to having some jitters about seeing old classmates. “When I looked in the mirror, I saw freckles and uneven skin tone. And you know skin, sun damage,” says Lia. In an effort to erase some of the skin damage and to “WOW” her old high school buddies, Lia chose to have the ActiveFX laser treatment. “The exciting thing about the ActiveFX laser is that unlike purely non-ablative lasers we can actually treat several levels at the same time. Ideally the laser is used to clean the surface of the skin of sun damage spots, of red spots and other blemishes that give the skin a tired and aged appearance,” reports plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Wells. The laser utilizes carbon dioxide energy in a very narrow, scanned beam. This results in the creation of very tiny columns of thermal damage that penetrate deep into the dermis. “We are also getting the collagen tightening and collagen stimulating effects of a typical ablative laser treatment, which causes a tightening and a firming of the skin; essentially much more of an anti-aging effect than we can get with non-ablative technologies,” explains Dr. Wells.

The procedure, which takes around 25 minutes, can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, discoloration and other effects of aging and sun damage in a single-treatment. “In the past, when we used a more comprehensive beam, we were creating a lot of ancillary tissue damage and heating.

And now, with this special pattern what we are doing is creating just the right amount of thermal injury, so that there’s enough transmitted heat from the laser to the untreated areas, so that we are really getting a comprehensive treatment but, we are at the same time allowing healing to proceed at an incredibly fast rate. We are getting a full facial skin treatment by only treating very tiny zones interspersed with very tiny untreated zones,” says Dr. Wells.

Lia says her skin looks and feels completely rejuvenated. “I’m very, very happy. Excited to go back to my high school and um have people say wow! She looks good! She looks young!” says Lia. The cost of treatment runs around $3,000.00. Dr. Wells says that the procedure is done no more than once every two years. Minimal downtime is about 3-4 days.

 The second day after the procedure, the first post-operative day, the patient has a little bit of redness and swelling, which may get a bit more intense on the following day. There’s often a dry brown layer of skin which represents the sun damaged skin that’s preparing itself to shed. On the fourth day, the patient comes into the office for a final step to remove all the dead cells and skin. The residual redness usually disappears over the next day or so.

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