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Surgery Reliably Repairs Torn Rotator Cuffs

Surgery Reliably Repairs Torn Rotator Cuffs People who received surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff experienced good shoulder function and relief from pain over the long term, even after the recurrence of a tear, a recent small study demonstrated. A rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and their tendons that stabilize the shoulder. Read More

Alternative to Knee Replacement

Alternative to Knee Replacement For 25 years Robert Reid kept active by practicing karate, playing football, softball, and basketball. But, his love for sports took a toll on his body. Robert developed arthritis in his knees and would need surgery. Read More

ACL Injuries with NFL Players | Orthopedics

ACL Injuries with NFL Players | Orthopedics If you're at all a sports fan, or an athlete yourself, you've probably heard of the anterior cruciate ligament. It's commonly injured. Now a new study shows what happens to NFL players who are sidelined by their acl's, and it's not good news for players or fans and the owners. Now, a ligament... Read More

Sports Injuries and Children

Sports Injuries and Children Summer is now here, and itís an opportunity for kids who are involved in one, two, maybe three sports to get a bit of rest. But a lot of kids go year round in their athletics now; itís one reason for the rise in sports injuries in kids. More than three and a half million kids under the age of... Read More

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