Executive Team

Russ Allen
Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 25 years Russ Allen has developed a reputation as an innovator in the fusion of marketing, media and technology. He presently is the Chief Executive Officer of EmpoweredDoctor.com, a consumer health news publishing operation that offers marketing services to medical and healthcare providers, including hospitals, medical clinics and individual practices. Embracing the challenges that new technologies often present, Russ has developed new marketing and business models for the healthcare marketing and medical news environment. Empowered Doctor’s daily health news service is distributed to a range of media partners, including Gannett’s Arizona Central and Tribune’s Chicago Tribune. Empowered Doctor currently partners with Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd as the media producer for The National Physician of the Year Awards (www.castleconnollyawards.com).

Russ also heads up Optimal Wellness (www.optimalwellness.com), a medical management company that support doctors in providing the next generation of concierge medicine. In addition, he has launched the NFL Alumni's Optimal Wellness Challenge to promote wellness for retired NFL players and our military veterans. (www.optimalbowl.com)

Russ's vision of combining advanced technologies with an ethos of principled healthcare delivery is helping to transform the way we manage our wellness and the relationship we have with our healthcare providers.


Adam Lefton
Chief Operations Officer.

Adam Lefton has a wide-ranging career helping to turn around companies and lead them to success.

Adam began his career as a Corporate Analyst for The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA), at the time the world’s largest privately held for-profit educational institution. He then worked for 11 years at McGraw-Hill where he became the Chief Financial Officer for CIG, one of McGraw-Hill’s largest groups. As CIG’s Chief Operating Officer, he was responsible for managing publishing operations for 11 monthly magazines, 1 bi-weekly magazine, 5 daily newspapers, building product manufacturer catalogs and systems, directories, CD-ROM based products and on-line services.

In 1996, Adam launched his own consultancy, developing a sales automation selection process and business plans for several start-ups. He also worked with Keyport Insurance, a multi-billion-dollar variable annuity provider, providing financial planning, analysis, joint venture modeling, wrote their 1997 and 1998 strategic plans, and established the organization’s first comprehensive new product development process.

In 2000, Adam was asked to create a new sales and marketing system for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and in the process uncovered significant opportunities to market via online channels. Adam developed a strategic plan to transition CTCA from a television-based direct marketing model to a more robust web-centric model and was asked to join CTCA to direct their online activities, where he became Vice President of Brand Development. Adam was accountable for marketing efforts that helped to deliver the majority of patients that CTCA treats. Guiding CTCA through some of its rockiest times, he took on the expansion of CTCA marketing across the Internet, helping to steer CTCA through 12 years of dramatic growth. His network of industry contacts is at the highest level in the online world. He has a deep knowledge of the offline methods that was used to build CTCA into a marketing powerhouse and one of the most successful hospital operations in the world.

In addition to his role as Chief Operating Officer at Empowered Doctor, Adam currently serves Optimal Wellness, helping to guide day to day operations, and as Chief Strategy Officer, defining its long term financial and marketing direction


Stuart Diamond

Stuart Diamond oversees the entire editorial process of Empowered Doctor, including its daily news feed, website development and numerous informational portals. To date Empowered has authored over 2500 video stories. The content has been syndicated online to major media partners, including CBS New York, Chicago Tribune and Arizona Central.

Stuart brings a wide range of professional skills and knowledge to his position as Editor-in-Chief, including experience as a writer, producer, editor, and composer. He has produced media and educational programs for many of the best-known corporate and medical organizations, including Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia University Medical Center, L3 Communications, SDI Technologies, Merrill Lynch, American Express, Glaxo-Smith and numerous others.

Stuart is recognized in academia as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and a Trustee on the Board of The California Institute of Integral Studies.

Since 2008, Stuart has been the media producer for the The National Physician of the Year Awards presented by Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd. (www.castleconnollyawards.com). In this context, he has worked with and interviewed the most important physicians, scientists and researchers in modern medicine, telling the stories of the men and women whose work has impacted the lives of millions of people throughout the world.


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