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Dental Implants Treatment New Jersey

Traditionally dental implants treatment is a process that is not only time consuming, but potentially painful as well as expensive. By usual methods, the jaw is fitted with a foundation in which a more permanent set of replacement teeth are implanted. The foundations often take many months to heal which create a problem for the recipients causing them to wait toothless while the jaw is healing. Also many recipients are either ineligible or have to go through painful bone grafts in order to receive implants. The key is an improvement in the way in which the foundations are implanted into the jaw. Being that they are implanted at a slant, directly into the jaw bone the eligibility greatly increases to include just about everyone and immediately when the foundations are implanted a great set of dental implants are set, to be enjoyed immediately.

Benefits of the All-on-4™ technique for dental implantation:

• Beautiful new teeth in just one visit
• Improves speech problems caused by missing teeth
• Improves chewing function
• Patients who were previously told that dental implants were not an option are often eligible for the All-on-4 technique
• Almost never requires bone grafting unlike traditional dental implant techniques, which often do
• Shorter recovery times than traditional dental implant techniques

If you are looking for the best place to get Dental Implants Treatment in New Jersey, consider treatment with Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry using the All-On-4™ method. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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