9 Ways to Drink More Water

Posted by Admin on May 4, 2009
There is widespread agreement among health professionals about the energy-boosting value of drinking enough water during the day. Water ensures that your body is able to form, for example, the blood and lymphatic fluid it needs. Water also helps avert inflammation, which can lead to many chronic illnesses. It assists in cleansing the body of toxins and wastes.     So here are a few tricks to help you drink the eight glasses of water a day that is the generally recommended amount:

-- Ease into it. Start with just one or two glasses of water a day, maybe one in the morning and one at night. Gradually increase the amount.
-- Create a morning ritual. Some medical experts say many of us wake up dehydrated. The first thing to do in the morning, then, is to drink two glasses of water. If you make this a morning habit, it can create the momentum for drinking more during the rest of the day.
-- Drown a snack attack. Drinking a glass or two of water can make you feel full, short-circuiting a food craving.
-- Add lemon juice. When you first start to drink more water, it can be a real chore – and adding lemon juice can make it more doable. At restaurants, ask for lemon slices with your water. They gladly supply them.
-- Think about healthy skin. There may be a correlation between drinking a lot of water and healthy, glowing skin. Think about this to encourage yourself to drink more water.
-- Drink hot water. Instead of drinking tea or coffee, which are diuretics that increase the amount of water your body loses through urination, drink a mug of hot water. It gives you psychological comfort without any calories or other items.
-- Drink water at restaurants. It’s free, after all.
-- Have water near you while working. Having a full glass handy will give you something to sip on while you’re thinking, typing, creating or otherwise working.
-- Your urine guide. Drink more water if your urine is dark yellow. That means you’re dehydrated.

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