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Artificial Teeth Implants Manhattan, New York City

Your teeth are important tools to eating and speaking.However, their role is so much more than just that of a tool.  They are also a source of confidence and a way to tell the world about you without saying a word.  Missing teeth due to accident, disease, or decay has both immediate and long-term consequences on confidence and oral health. For artificial teeth and implants that you can use the same day, Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry just outside of Manhattan, New York City uses the All on 4™ technique for dental implants to ensure that patients can keep smiling for years to come.

People who have been told that they are not candidates for traditional implants due to low bone volume no longer need to depend on dentures for replacement teeth; The  All on 4™  technique can help people with limited bone mass and often do so without requiring painful bone grafts that take months to heal.  Healing times for All on 4™ patients are significantly shorter than traditional methods. Operative times are also shorter so you can get back to living your life, using your new teeth to start eating and speaking the same day as surgery.

Benefits of the All on 4 technique for dental implantation:

• Beautiful new teeth in a day
• Addresses both hard and soft tissue problems with gingival replacements
• Improves speech problems caused by missing teeth
• Natural look and feel to implants
• Improves chewing function
• Patients previously told that dental implants were not an option are often eligible for All on 4
• Often requires no bone grafting, unlike traditional dental implants
• Shorter recovery times than traditional dental implants

Rebuild your smile with Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry just outside of Manhattan, New York City. Artificial teeth implants can improve hygiene, speech and confidence, and the All on 4™ technique can do it all in one day with results that look and feel like the real thing. Call today.

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