Sports Injuries Manhattan, NYC

At the Columbia Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine, we understand that the health care needs of an injured athlete are unique. Sports injuries can be life impacting and career changing. We know what's on the line, and are committed to your full recovery. Our doctor's esteemed list of clients include the New York Yankees, New York Nicks, the 31 varsity teams of Columbia University and the City College of New York sports teams. In addition, Dr. Edwin R. Cadet, and Dr. William N. Levine are both former athletes themselves.

When you're facing a sports injury, it's imperative to have a medical team who understands the lifestyle of the professional and amateur athlete, and is trained in Sports Medicine. If you live in the Manhattan, New York area, consider the Columbia Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine. There are no average doctors on our staff-- each is recognized as an expert in his field.

Our team of doctors provide a wide range of services including Orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitative sports medicine, physical and occupational therapy. Sports injuries can be tragic.  But with recent advances in sports medicine, many injuries that would have been career killers in the past, can now be overcome. 

We understand that whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, your primary goal is to get back to your game, at the same level you were performing when the injury occurred. The key is to have a team who shares your vision, and has the medical expertise to make make it happen.

Most sports injuries can be resolved with a combination of physical therapy, heat/cold therapy, medications and rest. However, in the event that surgery is necessary, it is good to know that your sports doctor is skilled in a wide variety of orthopaedic surgery procedures. At Columbia Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine, all of our doctors are proficient in the latest surgical techniques, including arthroscopic surgery. This innovative surgical technique dramatically reduces recovery time.

If you live in the Manhattan, New York area, why not give the Columbia Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine a call to set up an appointment? We can help you overcome any existing sports injuries, and provide the support you need to reach your personal best.