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General Dentistry Dentists - Manhattan, NY

Have you been putting off necessary dental work? The longer you wait, the worse your situation will be. It's time to find a general dentist.  If you live in Manhattan, New York, Teeth Now can help you find dentists in your area.

A general dentists will accurately diagnosis your condition, and suggest treatment options.  If you do need to see a specialist, a general dentist will give you a referral to a qualified practitioner. But it is likely your problem will be solved with a trip to your local dental clinic. Family dentists can perform a wide range of dentistry services including the following:

  • Root Canals: To alleviate the pain of infected teeth, and remove decay.
  • Crowns: Crowns are typically required after a root canal, or when teeth are broken or severely decayed.
  • Extraction: Sometimes decay has progressed to a point the tooth cannot be saved.
  • Fillings: If a cavity is identified before it progresses to infection, the affected area can be drilled out to remove decay, and then filled with porcelain, gold, silver or a composite resin.
  • Bridges: When when multiple teeth are missing, a general dentist can create a bridge to prevent further dental complications.

To find a dental office in Manhattan, New York give Teeth Now a call.

The need for corrective dental services is your bodies way of reminding you how important regular dental care can be.  Did you know that oral health can effect your general health? The American Academy of Periodontology has found gum disease to be linked to other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimers. Regular checkups also identify cavities and other issues, making early treatment possible, and preventing complications that require costly procedures. Not to mention you will have a brighter, more attractive smile.

Not sure where to start your search for a new dentist? Give Teeth Now a call.  If you live in Manhattan, New Yorik, we can help you find a reputable general dentist in your area.