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General Dentistry Dentists - Connecticut

Do you remember your last dental checkup? If the answer is no, it's time to find a dentist. Don't wait until you wake up at 2:00 AM with a throbbing toothache. Not only will regular checkups help prevent   toothache emergencies, they will improve your over all oral health. Plus, establishing yourself with a local dental office gives you the advantage of a dentist who is familiar with your history, so they'll  identify any changes that could be problematic, and address them before they become major issues. Not sure where to start? If you live in the state of Connecticut, call Teeth Now to find a general dentist in your area.

Don't be a victim of circumstance if you've had bad experiences with root canals or extractions, cutting yourself off from dental care just sets you up for more hardship. Those difficult procedures could have been prevented with regular dental exams. Checkups identify cavities before they become toothaches. Most toothaches are the result of tooth decay which has advanced to the inner tooth and become infected. Once this happens, a root canal is needed to correct the issue and stop the pain.  After the root canal, a crown is usually applied. Sometimes a tooth is too far gone to save and extraction is necessary. But it doesn't have to end that way. Call Teeth Now to find reputable dentists in the state of Connecticut.

Another benefit of consistent general dentistry is the prevention of periodontal (gum) disease.  Why is that a big deal? Recent studies by the American Academy of Periodontology have shown a connection between gum disease and other serious medical issues including diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers. The exact correlation is unclear, but may be related to chronic inflammation. What is clear, is that having your teeth cleaned every six months will reduce your chance of gum disease. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, swollen gums, painful gums, chronic bad breath or receding gums you should see a dentist. These are symptoms of gum disease.

The cost of regular checkups may seem like a nuisance until you consider the cost of corrective dentistry. Complications from untreated tooth decay can require expensive treatments such as root canals, crowns, extractions and bridges. Which would you rather pay for-- an ounce of prevention or a pound of cure? Be proactive! Give Teeth Now a call. We can help you find a dentist in the state of Connecticut that will fit your needs.