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Sedation Dentists/Dentistry New York

Are you a dental phobic? Sedation dentistry offers oral tranquilizers and/or nitrous oxide to provide you with an anxiety free dental experience. How do you find a dentist that has been certified to provide sedation services? If you live in New Jersey, give Teeth Now a call, we can connect  you with reputable sedation dentists in your area.

Inhalant sedation refers to nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. This form of sedation is the least expensive, and is extremely effective. Many find laughing gas alone is all they need. However, if your anxiety level is extreme, oral sedation includes a number of options including tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medications, which can be used alone or in combination with nitrous oxide. Because you do not completely lose consciousness, these are not considered general anesthesia, and do not have the risks associated with being fully “under.” 

What can you expect? The effect is an intense sense of euphoria and deep muscle relaxation. Fear and anxiety melt away, although you will not completely lose consciousness. You may experience memory loss, and not recall the procedure at all. Another common side effect is altered time perception. A procedure that lasts an hour will seem like it only took a few minutes. Sound like what you need? If you live in New York, call Teeth Now to set up an appointment with a sedation dentist in your area.

Before your appointment, call your insurance company to see what services are covered. Sometimes sedation will be covered in for one procedure, but not another. You may also find that nitrous oxide is covered, while other forms of sedation are not. You may have to pay for some of the services out of pocket, but many patients feel it's a worthwhile investment.

The day you have sedation dentistry procedures you will be unable to drive or return to work immediately after the appointment. Have a friend or relative pick you up and take you home, or to a place where you can rest. It will take around two to three hours for the effects to completely wear off.

Are you ready for your first drama free dentist appointment? Give Teeth Now a call to find a sedation dentist in New York.