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Average Sedation Dentistry Cost

Are you thinking about sedation dentistry, but aren't sure about the cost? Sedation dentistry is a great option if you suffer from dental anxiety. By utilizing a variety of different oral medications, inhalants and/or intravenous sedatives you can sail through an otherwise traumatic procedures with little negative effect.

The first step in determining costs to you, is to find out which sedative procedures are covered by your insurance company. Sometimes sedation will be covered in one situation (complex orthodontic procedures), but not another (standard teeth cleaning), so give them complete information. Also they may pay for nitrous oxide, but not for oral sedation. You may have to pay for some of the services out of pocket, but many dental phobic patients feel it's a worthwhile investment.

Average sedation dentistry cost is determined by what form of treatment is administered.

  • Inhalation Sedation: The least expensive, and most common form of sedation is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Some dentists will offer this service free, others will charge. Cost of this service is usually less than $100. Many find a good dose of nitrous oxide is all they need to help them relax.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral sedation costs will vary depending on which kind of oral sedation is used. Options include anti-anxiety medication, sedatives and tranquilizers. These may be used alone, or in combination with nitrous oxide. Average cost is around $200-$400.
  • IV Conscious Sedation: This is as deep as you can go without general anesthesia. The sedation dentist will have to be specially trained, and pass a board exam to perform this procedure, and there are more risks involved. Because of this, costs are higher, and it is used less frequently. Expect an average cost of around $500-$800.

It should be understood that every sedation dentists will have his/her own pricing. The estimates in this article are only averages, and not a guarantee of pricing. The best way to find out pricing is to find a dentist that specializes in sedation, and ask for an estimate. In the mean time, these numbers give you a ball park idea of what you can expect to pay.

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