Future Directions in COPD

Are you curious about the future of COPD treatment?

As one of the leading causes of death worldwide, COPD is a disease that is reaching near epidemic levels. More than 200 million people across the world have been diagnosed with COPD, and the numbers continue to grow. Current treatment methods can only hope to lessen symptoms and slow future damage to the lungs, but scientists are rapidly searching for a cure to this debilitating and deadly disease. The primary focus for COPD has now turned to research to learn more about the disease and risk factors for it and the potential of stem cell therapy as a possible cure.

Future Research
Scientists know that long-time exposure to tobacco smoke is the leading cause of COPD. However, despite the strong associating between smoking and COPD, only about 15% of tobacco smokers ever develop the disease. Future research is recommended to determine why some smokers begin to show symptoms of COPD and others do not. Understanding why certain smokers develop the disease will help scientists learn more about how COPD develops and what individuals might be at highest risk, leading to more targeted and effective intervention programs.

Stem Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapy is quickly becoming the new horizon of regenerative medicine, as scientists begin to harness its power to treat a number of different diseases and conditions. More than any other treatment method for COPD, stem cell therapy offers lasting symptom management results and even a possible cure to the disease. By using stem cells from the patient’s own body to create healthy, new lung tissue, doctors can now begin to decrease damage to the lungs, something no other treatment method has been able to do before.

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