Stem Cell Therapy for COPD

Are you plagued by shortness of breath and rely on external oxygen tanks?

If you, like millions of Americans, suffer from the debilitating symptoms of COPD, you are likely searching for a real, long-term solution to the disease. While doctors may have advised you in the past that there is no therapeutic intervention that can slow the deadly progression of COPD, an exciting new treatment is now available to you through the amazing regenerative power of adult stem cells. Research has proven that stem cell therapy for COPD offers real results, helping you to breathe easier and greatly improving your lifestyle.

How Stem Cell Therapy for COPD Works:

Adult stem cells are either harvested from your own body or used from a donor, if necessary. The stem cells are encouraged to grow and divide in a laboratory setting until a sufficient amount has been attained. These same stem cells are then injected into the lungs and begin to regenerate healthy, new lung tissue that can begin to erase the damage caused by COPD.

Current research regarding stem cell therapy for COPD has proven some amazing results. Here are just a few of the exciting things stem cells are capable of:

  • Potential for better treatment and even a possible cure for many diseases, including COPD
  • Protection of lung tissue from further COPD damage through the suppression of inflammation
  • Improved pulmonary emphysema in clinical trials with rats
  • Accelerated regeneration of important tissues in the lungs, including alveoli and blood vessels

Stem cell therapy has the potential to completely revolutionize the world of medicine and the way many diseases are currently being treated. If you would like to become a part of this exciting new age of medicine and learn more about how stem cell therapy can help your COPD symptoms, please call Royal Medical Group today. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing more about this revolutionary form of treatment!