What Treatment is Available for COPD?

Do you have COPD and would like to know more about all of the treatment options available to you?

If you have recently been diagnosed with COPD, it’s important for you to act quickly. Prompt treatment can help to lessen your symptoms, prevent future damage to the lung tissue, and avoid damage to your heart and other vital organs. There are currently a number of different treatment options available for COPD, and it’s important to thoroughly discuss them with your doctor. Below are a few of the primary methods used to treat COPD:

Medication: Inhaled steroids and bronchodilators are two types of medication typically used to treat COPD. Both medicines help to relax the muscles around the airways, reduce inflammation, and help making breathing easier.

Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen therapy improves the symptoms of COPD and prevents damage to other organs in the body by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood. Some patients with COPD may require supplementary oxygen around the clock, while others use it only during activity and as they sleep.

Surgery: For patients with advanced COPD that cannot be controlled through medication, surgery may be the next step. There are two types of surgery commonly recommended for COPD: lung volume reduction and lung transplant. In lung volume reduction surgery, your surgeon will remove small wedges of damaged tissue in the lungs, creating extra space in the chest cavity so the lungs can function more efficiently. Lung transplantation surgery involves the transplant of a single lung from a healthy donor. Both surgeries have several drawbacks and are often recommended only for patients with advanced cases of COPD.

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cell therapy for COPD involves the regeneration of healthy tissue in the lungs through the use of the patient’s own stem cells. This type of therapy is one of the newest treatment methods for COPD and may offer the longest-lasting benefits for sufferers of the disease.

For more information about stem cell therapy for COPD or any of the other treatments, call the Royal Medical Group. We are happy to discuss all of your treatment options with you and help you on the path toward better health.