Stem Cell Treatment for COPD: Real Potential

You have probably heard about the stem cell treatment, a promising new medical field that has potential applications that could revitalize virtually every major area of medicine. What you may not have heard is that certain applications of this once controversial treatment have been approved for use and use no embryonic cells, avoiding the ethical concerns that some of us have. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Royal Medical Group is one such pioneering institution making use of adult stem cells to treat specific health issues.

Currently, Royal Medical Group harvests cells from a patient's own body to be used in the stem cells treatment process. COPD is just one of the chronic diseases that have been noted to benefit from stem cell therapies.

Applications of Stem Cell Therapies

Applications for stem cell treatment are expected to include indications for cardiovascular, neurological, arthritic, metabolic and immunologic conditions; research is ongoing to see just how much stem cells can affect the medical establishment. There is speculation that these new applications could alter the face of modern medicine completely, but research is ongoing. Regardless, the excitement surrounding the possibilites of stem cell therapy and transplants are exciting and real.

Treatment of various lung conditions, including COPD, has shown measurable results. Studies indicate that a particular type of stem cell, mesenchymal stem cells, have the ability to suppress many of the immune system assailants such as macrophages that attack emphysema-ridden lung tissue. Not surprisingly, many people with COPD who have been treated with fat tissue derived stem cells have reported experiencing reductions in shortness of breath and reliance on supplemental oxygen.

Areas of treatment at Royal Medical Group include:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Age Management
  • Lifestyle Management

Stem cell treatment has the potential to change so many lives. Dr. Daniel Royal and the team of experts at this extraordinary facility are excited at the potential for this innovative technology and it will soon be available to those who live in or around the area of Las Vegas. Call now for more information on stem cell treatment.