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Dementia and Parkinsons

Dementia is a medical term that refers not to one specific disease but to many symptoms which lead to a severe decline in the functioning of the normal brain cells. Dementia comes about as a result of degeneration of brain cells and loss of chemicals in the brain. This disease of the nervous system leads to a permanent state of loss of mental competency.

The symptoms of the disease are:

  • Memory loss: The sufferer easily forgets things - even the most basic issues.
  • The sufferer will suffer from language challenges: Since it is not easy for the person to remember the names of places things and objects, the peoples cannot easily construct even the simplest sentences.
  • The people will experience difficulty in performing daily tasks that most people take for granted. The sufferers are not able to perform tasks like polishing shoes, cooking, eating, and combing hair and other basic activities.
  • The sufferers will be constantly distracted and will not be able to focus on doing anything.
  • The people’s ability to complete tasks will make them change their personality and they become very different people.
  • The sufferers will also be disoriented and withdrawn. They will not be able to focus clearly on anything or make decent conversation and this will make them withdrawn. The people also forget basic things like their way home.

Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the nervous system that affects the motor functions of a person through the degeneration of neural cells which control these functions. For peoples with Very few patients with Parkinson’s will develop Parkinson’s dementia - the figure is less than 20%. Usually there is lag phase of between 10 and 15 years before Parkinson’s patients are afflicted with dementia.

It is strongly believed that the dementia for people with Parkinson’s disease is caused by other agents than the Parkinson disease itself. The dementia might be caused by other factors like an underactive thyroid gland or a deficiency in vitamin B. These symptoms may also be brought about by depression which is very common for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease and has symptoms commonly confused with dementia. A person with this nervous system disease who is advanced in age may also suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia; this type of dementia is very severe and may lead to death. It is difficult to ascertain the cause of dementia in people with Parkinson’s disease and a consultation with a neurologist will help allay any fears of either and will also start the people on proper medications.

Parkinson’s disease is controllable and only about a fifth of the sufferers of the disease will develop dementia.