A person can experience moderate to severe knee pain, tendon or ligament pain due to many reasons. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and arthritis are some of the medical conditions which are some of the underlying causes. Although, aging is considered as a factor, other factors like injury, overuse, etc. also result in pain. Previously, the condition was treated with medicines and surgeries. However, with the introduction of stem cell treatment for knees, the need to take medicines and undergo surgeries may soon be eliminated. Scientists are claiming that stem cell therapy for knees may be an alternative of knee replacement and surgery. In this treatment, the body’s own cells are used for repairing damaged joints.

Can Stem Cell therapy Help Knee Pain?

Stem cells are regarded as master cells that have ability to segregate and create new cells. They are also responsible for healing and growth in the body. They have the abilities to morph into other kinds of specialized cells. In the stem cell knee repair process, the stem cells are harvested, concentrated and injected into damaged joints. As soon as the cells are injected, they transform into chondrocyte and produce fresh cartilage. When production of new cartilage takes place, suffers may observe reduction in inflammation, relief from pain and restored functioning of damaged joints.

Around the globe, many doctors claim that knee stem cell treatment helps patient to recover faster and unlike other knee replacement methods, it has no side-effects. Some other benefits of stem cell knee treatment are that it is less invasive as compared to major joint knee replacement surgeries and an outpatient procedure. It is advised to seek expert’s help before opting for the stem cell treatment.