Stem Cell Therapy for Spine and Joint Pains

Are you struggling with spine or joint problems? Has an orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery for your knee or shoulder injuries? Are questioning whether surgery is the right choice?

If you have found this webpage you are obviously are searching for answers for relief of your spine or joint pain. Is there an alternative to surgery? But an alternative that is more effective than chiropractic, anti-inflammatory drugs, spinal decompression, physical therapy or a host of other non-invasive techniques? The answer is yes. Today there is the promise of new therapies that will transform how medicine is practiced and how joint and spine pain are treated in the future.

Stem cell therapies use a patient’s own cells to stimulate the body to rebuild and to regenerate. Research is being conducted world-wide in almost every aspect of our health - searching for the ways stem cells will change how we heal.

The technique is remarkably simple and can be performed in a physician’s office under local anesthesia. Unlike most traditional orthopedic surgery patients go home the same day and usually go back to work the next.

The physician harvests your own adult stem cells from your body, usually from fat or bone marrow. The extract is then centrifuged and refined, separating and concentrating the stem cells. The cells are simply reintroduced back into the body where needed. In the case of orthopedic issues, this might mean the spine, shoulder, knees, etc.

The stem cells are progenitor cells – meaning that they are of a more rudimentary state and have the unique ability to grow into the same kinds of cells where they are introduced. (For example, if the stem cells are introduced into the heart they grow into cardiac muscle or into a joint they might help repair the cartilage.) In addition stem cells may stimulate local cells to grow and reproduce.

The results as reported by local physicians have been outstanding. Over the weeks following the procedure patients report feeling better, less pain and more mobility – all without surgery. Sometimes the doctor may combine stem cell treatment with other techniques such as platelet rich plasma or other minimally invasive techniques.

The real question though is: Will stem cell therapy work for me? Results – as in any medical procedure – can vary from patient to patient. Age, the degree and severity of the condition, smoking, genetics and environment all play a role. However, you won’t know whether stem cell therapy can work for you unless you call. All consolations are at no cost.

If you have any questions about the science or safety of stem cell therapies, you should consult your primary care physician. We gladly work with your own physicians to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Call today and find out more about stem cells for the spine and joints. It may be first step to a whole new life.