Stem Cell Therapy For Facelift

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How Long Will a Stem Cell Face Lift Last?

Do the signs of aging have you interested in a stem cell facelift but you wonder if the results are fleeting?

As one of the latest face lift procedures to become popular in cosmetic medicine, the stemcell facelift has undeniably created a lot of buzz. Physicians and potential patients alike are turning to this new face lift without surgery method as a ground-breaking alternative to face lift surgery, but you may be wondering if the results are only temporary like some alternatives to face lifts or if they are truly lasting. Fortunately for all candidates considering a stem cells face lift, current research indicates that stem cell therapy for face is a long-term, natural fix to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Many common non surgical face lift options, such as Botox or hyaluronic acid fillers, may smooth out wrinkles and add fullness to your face without the downtime, expense, and risk of facelift surgery, but these non invasive face lift procedures are only temporary fixes. Without frequent and repeated injections, your skin quickly returns to its original state.

Conversely, research has shown that stem cell injections do not need repeated maintenance, because they change and improve the natural composition of your skin for a more long-term transformation. Once injected into the skin, stem cells are able to develop into facial fat tissue, naturally smoothing fine lines, erasing wrinkles, and providing a fuller, more youthful appearance that lasts! Truly one of the best non surgical face lift treatments, stem cells offer the permanence of facelift surgery without the complications, recovery, downtime, or risk.

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