Stem Cell Therapy For Facelift

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Face Lifts: Stem Cells, Surgery, Fillers

Do the signs of aging bother you?
Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin – they happen to everyone, and they can turn what was once a beautiful, full, and invigorated face into an old and tired-looking visage. If you feel like your face no longer truly represents your inner vitality due to the inevitable signs of aging, you may be an excellent candidate for one of the latest face lift procedures. But with all of the old and new facelift procedures now available, you may be confused about just what is right for you. Below is a brief breakdown of the most common old and new face lift procedures that you might consider.

Surgery: A facelift through surgery is an extensive operation involving the removal of excess skin from the face and/or neck and the tightening of deeper facial tissue through suturing. Facelift surgery requires hospital admittance and can lead to a number of complications, including bleeding, nerve damage, and infection. In the era of non invasive face lift procedures, surgery is no longer the ideal choice.

Fillers: Injection of facial fillers is one of the non surgical face lift options that has become popular throughout the last dozen years. It involves frequent injections of hyaluronic acids or Botox to create a fuller look to the face. The primary disadvantages to this facelift alternative are the temporary nature of the fillers, requiring frequent injections, and the risk of infection from placing unnatural components in the body.

Stem Cells Face Lift: A stem cell facelift is a revolutionary new non surgical face lift procedure that utilizes the natural regenerating powers of your own stem cells to fill in the face and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. In a stemcell facelift operation, stem cell face lift doctors harvest fatty tissue from the abdomen area, which is naturally full of stem cells, and inject it into the face. Through this stem cell therapy for face, the stem cells naturally develop into facial fatty tissue, creating a fuller, smoother appearance that lasts! As the best non surgical face lift option, it offers a long-term, complication-free fix to the signs of aging.

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