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Dr. Jesus Perez speaks about Stem Cell therapy at The Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Dr. Jesus Perez on Stem Cell Therapy

More and more evidence based on clinical research is demonstrating the positive impact of stem cell treatments for heart patients and a range of other health problems.

Most clinical trials in stem cell therapeutics have focused on specific health issues. However, an entire new field is emerging – the use of stem cell therapy for over health and anti-aging benefits. The effects of stem cell treatment for overall health to date has been anecdotal. The first studies are just commencing in which a range of bio markers will be followed through the course of treatment and through a multi-year follow-up. These studies will help scientists understand to what extent stem cell therapy impacts on the course of diseases, ailments and problems traditionally associated with aging.

In addition, dramatic new studies are appearing on specific diseases. Adult Stem Cell therapy is an exciting break through therapeutic approach to managing health. Physicians world-wide acknowledge that stem cell therapies will revolutionize medicine in the coming years. However, Stem Cell therapy is considered a controversial treatment in some medical and regulatory circles, as the research and clinical trials are still in their infancy. As a result Regenerativee Medicine Institute can and does not make any specific claims to the medical efficacy or safety of stem cell therapies that are offered.

All potential patients should consult with their own physician about stem cell therapy. The Regenerative Medicine Institute screens all patients and only accepts those that it feels would benefit from Stem Cell treatments. However, each patient is unique and no results can be guaranteed.

The Regenerative Medicine Institute will provide continuing updates, information on current research on stem cell therapeutics and research, helping patients and their consulting physicians make their own informed decisions on whether or not to pursue treatment.