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Dr. Jesus Perez speaks about Stem Cell therapy at The Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Stem Cell Therapy for Spina Bifida

Doctors at the All India Institute of Medicine recenetly spoke about the Stem cells having the potential to cure “incurable” spina bifida (a neurological deficit) after conducting a five-year study on the potential of stem cells in these areas.

“Stem cells have shown positive results in cases of spina bifida, where people remain handicapped even after undergoing a surgery for it,” Professor D K Gupta, paediatric surgeon, AIIMS said here today.

“Use of stem cells in regenerating kidney tissue was a challenging task as the vital organ is made up of many different types of cells. With research work carried out in India and abroad, we can conclude that it has a potential in treating kidney diseases,” Dr Shilpa Sharma paediatric surgeon, Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, said.

The team at Stem Cell Facility, AIIMS has been carrying out research work on the potential of stem cells in different areas since 2005. It has an in-house umbilical cord blood bank at AIIMS that harnesses the potential of umbilical cord stem cells.

“We can conclude after five years of our research work that autologus (one’s own body) stem cells have not shown any cancerous transformation on anyone who has undergone a stem cell treatment. Mothers who have children with congenital anomalies should store their cod blood for future use,” Prof Gupta said.

Adult Stem Cell therapy is an exciting break through therapeutic approach to managing health. Physicians world-wide acknowledge that stem cell therapies will revolutionize medicine in the coming years. However, Stem Cell therapy is considered a controversial treatment in some medical and regulatory circles, as the research and clinical trials are still in their infancy. As a result Regenerative Medicine Institute can and does not make any specific claims to the medical efficacy or safety of stem cell therapies that are offered.

All potential patients should consult with their own physician about stem cell therapy. The Regenerative Medicine Institute screens all patients and only accepts those that it feels would benefit from Stem Cell treatments. However, each patient is unique and no results can be guaranteed.

The Regenerative Medicine Institute will provide continuing updates, information on current research on stem cell therapeutics and research, helping patients and their consulting physicians make their own informed decisions on whether or not to pursue treatment.

(The above testimonial represents only this patient's experience. It does not imply that any other patient may expect or receive similar results.)